Hey guys I love experimenting with recipes and trying hands on as many varieties as possible.possible. You will see some very common and some uncommon recipes here They are just my take on it. Do and let me know.

Bored of eating the same old food with same old combinations…. So heres a callout to all the cooks and foodlovers to create unique recipes presented in style with the same ingredients in our house.. Time to rock in your family and friends with new starters and menu everytime…


We all dream of eating fresh meals all the times but cooks in the house know the truth.. We are always left with meals especially the day after a houseparty!!!

We end up eating the same cuisine or distributing it to others or throwing in the bin..

Being a foodie myself, i love to create unique recipes with the same ingredients..

I dont like to throw anything edible in bin and so i usually use the leftovers in such a way that no one gets to know instead drools over the dish…

A right recipe will make a fresh meal as well out of leftovers..

Here I bring out for all the cooking people easy yet delicious recipes which can be made out of available ingredients at home…